Rising shadow

Rising shadow

When I started using marble, I often made sculptures based on an oval shape. This “Rising Shadow” is also a combination of oval shapes. Expression of this work is closer to two dimensions rather than three. Further, it evolves in a perpendicular direction.

The two boards which form the structure of this sculpture are not elements which express movement. The inner board is set as a shadow (false image) in relation to the outer. Its simple white flat surface resonates back to back with the outer board (reality).

Although it is the dots that provide the movement in this work, the viewer’s preconceptions see linked images resonating between the two boards.

Usually, it is the artist who provides the subjective expression of a work, but in this case, it is the viewer’s sensibility that is paramount (the master) and the artist’s is secondary (the servant).

Most works using optical illusion belongs to this category. The next work, Renaissance, tries to express the artist’s subjectivity more strongly than the previous work.

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